Saturday, November 14, 2009

Macau Inter-University Institute opens Russian Centre 澳門高等校際學院設立俄羅斯中心 (澳门高等校际学院设立俄罗斯中心)

The Macau Inter-University Institute (IIUM) and the Russkiy Mir Foundation jointly inaugurated the Russian Centre at the IIUM campus. The Russian Center will be open to all communities and “is responsible for the promotion of the Russian Culture, history, language and literature”, the institute said.

Professor Vyacheslav Nikonov - the executive director, and professor Georgy D. Toloraya - the Asia-Pacific director of the Russkiy Mir Foundation, attended the opening ceremony. The ceremony included a public address on Russia-China relations and a piano recital.

The opening of the Russian Centre in Macau “represents a new chapter in the academic relationship between Macau and the Russian Federation,” IIUM Rector Ruben Cabral said.

澳門高等校際學院11月14日假該校校址舉行俄羅斯中心揭幕儀式。 高等校際學院校長魯本文表示俄羅斯中心的設立“標誌着澳門與俄羅斯之間學術關係的新的一頁”。 該中心向所有社群開放, 宗旨是傳播俄羅斯的語言、文化、歷史和文學。 俄羅斯中心開幕儀式上, 還將有鋼琴演奏。

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